BLAB offered more options, easier to set schedules, testimonials on my scheduling site, and more.
- Michael McKee, former Calendly user

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That moment when you outgrow Calendly and need an appointment booking powerhouse that does it all

Book Like a Boss is perfect for anyone who’s tired of simple scheduling apps that are “just booking forms”.

Why Booklikeaboss is better than Calendly
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Why Calendly Users Are Flocking to Book Like a Boss

I’ve used calendly in the past. Liked this one much better. Love how easily it connects to Google Calendar and the Zoom integration. Very easy to navigate even as a beginner

G. Jones

Book Like a Boss is the all-in-one toolkit for managing appointments, selling your services, and getting paid without all the limitations you get with Calendly.

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… need branded landing pages, not JUST a limited booking form

… want to embed videos to show off yourself and your services

… want to sell physical products, memberships, and subscriptions

… want to display testimonials to build trust with your visitors

… need an interface that’s actually intuitive and easy to navigate

… then it’s time to make the switch.

Everyone else seems to use Calendly, and I looked at some others (don't even remember their names now), but when I saw your features and how much more I could do for the money, along with the integrations, it was a no brainer that you looked better.”

Debby Ward

Get everything from Calendly PLUS:

  • Fully customizable booking pages

  • Sell digital and physical products

  • Sell memberships/ subscriptions

  • Accept offline payments

  • Accept donations & tips

  • Offer “Pay what you want”

  • Multiple currency support

  • Approve bookings

  • Offer coupons

  • Look busy

  • Full and “Lite” booking pages

  • In-app customer messaging

  • Limit bookings per day

  • Add custom colors and fonts

  • Add countdown timers

  • Add cover photos

  • Add “About me” sections

  • Display social media links

  • Display customer testimonials

  • Add video and photo gallery

  • Add FAQs

  • Customize button text

  • Embed Youtube videos

  • Embed Facebook comments

  • Add favicon

  • Customize your footer

  • Get certified setup support

  • Customize admin with your brand

This Book Like a Boss vs. Calendly comparison was made based on available information at the time of writing.

Book Like a Boss is the all-in-one toolkit for managing appointments, selling your services, and getting paid without running the stress-inducing gauntlet of performing every little task manually.

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No credit card required. Just love and support from us.


A scheduling app that doesn’t limit you to simple booking forms

And empowers you with all the things Calendly does not...

Fully customizable booking pages
Having total freedom to customize the look and feel of your booking pages is a complete game-changer in Book Like A Boss. Showcase your brand and take control over which information you display to create attractive, high-converting booking pages that get people excited to connect with you.
Sell memberships and subscriptions
Subscriptions and memberships make it easy for your customer to continually work with you without requiring them to whip out their credit card every time they want to repeat a payment.
Accept donations, tips, and “Pay what you want”
People come in all shapes, sizes … and budgets. Giving people the option to donate or choose an amount to pay is an unexpected surprise that adds some generous flexibility to how you accept payments.
Approve bookings
Never get booked off-guard. Manually approve bookings to make sure that only the bookings you want make it on to your calendar, or automatically approve bookings so that you can sit back and relax.
Look “busy”
Set your calendar availability to appear busier than you are, because scarcity drives action and conversion.
In-app customer messaging
Streamline communications by conversing with customers directly inside Book Like A Boss. No more sharing your contact info until you’re ready.
Customize colors and fonts
Make your booking pages feel unique with custom colors and fonts, because no one likes cookie-cutter booking pages.
Add “About me” section
Show off and brag in a dedicated “About me” section that can be added to your booking pages to give that extra personal touch. If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will.
Display social media links
Give visitors a way to get in contact and follow you across all your social media accounts. The extra followers never hurt.
Add FAQs
Make sure your visitors get their burning questions answered before showing up to your meeting with dedicated FAQs that you can add to your booking pages.
Embed Facebook comments
Embed Facebook comments onto any booking page to show off what people are saying about you and your services.
Get certified setup support
Setup only takes 17 minutes, but if you’d like a hand, our Certified Bosses can get you all set up so that you can focus on running your business.
Sell digital and physical products
You’re not selling just your time. As your one-stop-shop for everything bookings and sales, Book Like A Boss lets you add and accept payment for both digital and physical products right on your booking pages. Cha-ching!
Accept offline payments
Your clients can book with you but pay in-person. You decide how to collect payment (invoice them, accept cash, bank transfer, etc.)
Multiple currency support
Display pricing and accept payments in your own, local currency.
Offer coupons
Offer coupons for your appointments, products, and services that you can customize according to parameters such as expiration date, quantity, minimum spend, etc.
Full and Lite booking pages
Share “Lite”, pared down versions of your booking pages for those simple appointments where testimonials, FAQs, and photos/videos just aren’t necessary.
Limit bookings per day
Don’t get overbooked (or overworked). Set a daily limit for how many times an appointment or package can be booked.
Add countdown timers
Display countdown timers so your visitors know exactly how long is left until the big event.
Add cover photos
Stand out from the crowd by adding big, beautiful cover photos that scream professionalism radiate your brand.
Display testimonials
Nothing shows off the kind of trust and professionalism like some grand-slammin’ testimonials. Add them to any of your booking pages to show off how fantastic you are to work with.
Embed Youtube videos
They say a picture is worth a thousand words … but what about video? Harness the power of video to elevate your booking page through personalization.
Customize your footer
Customize your footer to match your brand and add links to drive visitors to other booking pages or an external website.
White-label your Admin panel
Make sure your Admin and dashboard look on brand and professional for both you and your stellar team members.
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There’s so much more to scheduling than just picking dates and times…

We built Book Like A Boss not JUST to facilitate your bookings, but to be a powerhouse in your corner that convert your visitors into loyal, raving customers.

“Book Like A Boss really streamlines the way we connect and meet with our clients.”
— Tim Sedillo
“BLAB makes everything smooth and efficient which is exactly part of my brand as well.”
— Suzanne Silver


…and answers to other smart questions:
How do I have a Zoom meeting link automatically generated when a booking occurs?

Once you integrate your Zoom account with Book Like A Boss, a Zoom meeting link will be automatically generated and shared both in your calendar event and in an email to your attendee.

When I sign up for a Company plan free-trial, what’s included?

Everything under the sun, literally. Our Company plan free-trial includes every feature so that you get to experience Book Like A Boss from soup to nuts.

Is it worth getting a company plan if I’ll be a solo user?

If you’re flying solo but want the same features as the Company plan without the need for extra teammates, then we recommend the Solopreneur Latte plan.

Can you integrate with another payment processor of my choosing?

We currently support Stripe, Paypal, and Square for payment processing. Although you can’t connect alternative payment processors, you may request the integration on our Roadmap and we will implement it as soon as we can. You may also accept offline payments for products and services in whichever manner suits you best.

Can I block users from booking with me?

Nope, BUT, you can manually approve each booking to ensure that no one grabs a slot in your calendar that doesn’t belong there.

Out with the old and in with the new.


… alongside 40,000 other Bosses who realized that simple booking forms and limited features isn’t a bad start, but NOT a long-term solution.

When you start your free 14-day trial today, you’ll get immediate access to a bundle of unique features from a complete suite of payment integrations to total control over your booking pages that you’re not going to find in Calendly …

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